“London based rock-band ‘The Breakdown’ has provided us with a sweet taste of everything with their latest single ‘The Girl in the Mondrian Dress’; whether that be 80’s permeated vocals or 00’s piquant guitar riffs, there is something for everyone within this debut dish of uniqueness.“

- Emmie Norton (RGM)

The Breakdown are a melodic rock band based in London and founded in 2019 by teenage friends from around the south east.

Formed out of the ashes of a previous band, and reuniting after a chance encounter 15-years later, the quartet began just 3 week before the nationwide lockdowns. During this time the band have been working hard on writing new material for the imminent release of their debut full-length album (now titled 'Open the Barricades'). At it’s heart is a classic rock album with modern sensibilities that follows the well-trodden British musical tradition. Elements of XTC and The Smiths can be found mingled across their songs, along with more contemporary musical influences. It broods in crushing guitars and arpeggiated synths but this is no pop-homage; whilst the tracks lure with catchy riffs, killer melodies and nostalgic lyrics; beneath the surface there are undercurrents of despair at modernity.

The band name 'The Breakdown' was most likely brought to the table by Richard when exchanging in frantic WhatsApp messages on what we should call ourselves. Deciding on a band name has been amongst the most difficult things they've had to do since reforming. 

However, in less than a couple of months after forming the line up that would be 'The Breakdown', the UK went into the first nationwide lockdown. The band would not reherse together for another year, but instead invested in working through the tracks remotely.


At the earliest opportunity, we engaged Paul Tipler (Placebo, Elastica, Idlewild) to help us produce our initial tracks. A difficult task considering they had only played together as a band through no more than a few hours.

The band are excited to be releasing their debut album imminently, but are as equally anticipating the vast amount of material written at the same time, but which didn't quite gel for this major release.