Rob steals from cash machines,

Tom's hooked-on diazepine,

Bill bounces by the ounce,

Will he make it to pay day?


Kyles glued to TV screens,

Mason scores us ketamine,

Reece, he just wants to fight,

And Dylan's a moron,


Britney walks the streets,

Olly write fashion tweets,

Carlys on the pill,

Chantelle needs to move,


The pigeons congregate,

Thomas procrastinates,

Says he's taken up Cantonese,

Well maybe tomorrow?


Broken Hearts,

Broken Minds,

Broken Lives,

Here in the high-rise/This is the high-life/

Here in the high-rise/Living the high-life

Everyone wants to know,

What's up with touchy-Joe

The blinds are twitching

As he makes way for Dod Street,


Steph pays off her holiday,

Troy plays at home, when Cats away,

Paige thinks that she's gone insane,

And Sarah's another story