The King of the Hill

(Feeling so debonair)

What a thrill

(I'm on my way to be a millionaire)

No despair

(Don't forget to pack the silverware)

It can't go wrong

(Jumping out into the stratosphere)


An imbalanced life watching TV,

Leads to nihilistic thoughts,

You'll see?!

They come and go,

From time to time,

All part of life keeping you in-line.


'Cos No matter how you play the game,

There's someone holding on the reigns,

And when that someone gets to you,

You'll no longer be The King of the Hill


Let's see!

(39) Franco gets to write the almanac,

(76) Concorde makes it Bahrein and back,

(41) Reza takes his place in old Tehran,

(83) Richard noble gets his speed degree,

(94) Yeltsins tanks roll in to Chechnya,

(99) Clinton gets away with his cigar,


So you see, nothing's gonna last forever,

To find out more you'll have wait and see what you've in store.

A balanced life reading Nietzsche,

Helps in confronting your nature,

A stoic life will help you see,

That falling down is life it seems,

'Cos no matter how you play the game,

Somewhere there's a bullet with your name,

And when fate's knocking at the door,

You can look it squarely as you fall to the floor.


(75) Franco cops it with a heart attack

(2003) Concorde final flight from fair Paris

(78) The Ayatollah get to wreck the throne

(97) Richard Noble gets his record blown

(99) Yeltsin's drinking causes disrespect

(2016) Ms Clinton feels the Trump effect


So you see,

It's not a matter of what you do

There's always someone                                                 

There to come and put an end to you


They'll come for you, they'll come for me,

When they come for you, what you want from me,


They'll come for me, they'll come for you,

They'll come for me, what will I do?


And if no one does all this to you,

It's probably you, who'll do the deed,

So if that's how you play the game,

You'll no doubt cock it up all the same.