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You're best friends hate me

Let you run into their arms

(oh oh oh)

How can I refuse

When you've got me so confused

(oh oh oh)

Fried chicken holds sway

When you take time away

(oh oh oh)

Doing all you can

Love is slipping out your hands

(oh oh oh)

Are you losing everything?

But I had you from the start

That's what she said

Smoke cigarettes to help us through

Or stay in bed

But I can't heal you

So how can we see this thru?

On a hiding to nothing

I can't read you

So how can we see this through?

On a hiding to nothing

Chucking me a bone

Thought of going it alone

(oh oh oh)

Dig out the guitar

While you work out who you are

(oh oh oh)

Down on your knees

Years of trying hard to please

(oh oh oh)

Now it's junk food in bed

When you could fix yourself instead

(oh oh oh)

Now you're losing everything

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