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Taken away from their loving arms 

We curse that day in May

Their crimson clone of brittle bone

Won't they let you see her again


An insinuation, turns to accusation

A history of questionable vocations

A bar room brawl from 10 years prior

Left a jury to whisper "you’re a liar"

Will they ever see her again?


Taken away to a sheltered home

We curse that day in May

Their broken hearts are just the start

Will they ever see her again


Spent evenings lost to paranoia

Left wondering who their true friends are

The bedroom a shrine to its martyr

Her face fades with every passing hour

Will they ever see her again?


She's everything we live for

Now we stare in the abyss

Will we ever see that smile?

Or ever feel her kiss?

Or when she puts her arms around us?

Or the way she curls her hair?

We just can't escape

This never ending nightmare


Our broken hearts

And her broken frame

Will she even know us?

Or remember her real name?

On the day you left us

Is etched in our mind

Never to return

Forever take the blame


I turned my back

As I closed the door

That moment when

You tumbled to the floor

What if we never see you again?


I met a girl with crimson hair

Who knew nothing of her past

A sideways glance

A hidden stare

 Or are you just a shadow of my mind?

A shadow of my mind?

We see you everywhere

We see you everywhere

We see you everywhere


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