You go, to the places I don't know,

You say to get away from the pain,

Leaving nothing to explain,

 The summer's on its way and the nights are drawing in.


I go, where people know my name,

And everything you said and you do,

Becomes the only you, 

I can see what's coming next so I'm waiting for that day.


You know, I care, it's in everything I do and I say and I swear,

You think you have the truth but which what to compare,

And now everything has changed and you know,

This is the cross you'll have the bear.


And now. Everything you ever said, 

It's all come true, so true for you,

And now…Everthing you ever had

It all falls thru, so true for you.

You were, everything I'd ever wanted,
But counting down the days till the end,
Become something of a trend,
I can see it in your eyes, the flame now turns to smoke,

Trying so hard to get you out of mind,
Analyzing words each night,
And drinking each thought,
As the promises are lost.

And now there's nothing more than I can do.